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What People are saying:

"A riveting work of thriller and mystery,' The Ocean Forest' is a very much recommended read for those who like a good dose of personal intrigue."

The Midwest Book Review


"Nooe's touch is deft and sympathetic as he invites us into McKeller's brain for a wild. occasionally brutal ride, ending only when the villain is revealed."

 CML Magazine


"Nooe is at his best when he's putting words in the quick witted gumeshoe's mouth"

The Historical Novel Review


"Murder unfolds nicely under Nooe's easy prose."

G.S. Magazine


"Local bookstores have sold out of Troy D. Nooe's popular Murder Mystery!"

Alternatives Magazine


"What a fun beach read as you learn about the old Ocean Forest Hotel, coupled with greed and murder.  Bravo Troy!"

Diane DeVaughn Stokes

Diane At Six on Easy Radio


"Enjoyed the read...

Great job with the story line...

Well thought out...pulled me along..."

Dino Thompson

Author- Greek Boy, Growing up Southern


"Devoured it!  Awesome characters, well researched, smooth and engaging dialogue, funny, great flow and pace, and a surprise ending to boot...pretty flawless overall."

Rob Gottschall

Freelance Writer


"There are plenty of hot books in the big booksellers but none of them have the flair that Troy D. Nooe brings"

The Weekly Surge